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Manilla Folders


iCOM Print for Healthcare - FoldersFolders have come a long way from the basic file covers available 30 years ago. They have evolved to meet your every need.


We supply folders in a range of colours, the basic range is 12, and can even match your company pantone colours. You can have them in various weights up to a heavyweight 485gsm. The folders can then be laminated, or tabbed with plastic pockets added, plus an assortment of fittings and inserts.


Folders can be made more robust by having re-enforced edges on all sides to combat wear and tear.

They can be made up to a finished size of A5 or the more typical oversize A4.

The folder can be designed to suit the capacity you need, with up to 4 internal wings to hold inserts. You can even have a ringbinder mechanism attached if required



To summarise:


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